"The Lighter Side of BDSM"

Vanilla BDSM

BDSM is much more mainstream than you might be aware.  It continues to become an integral component of couple's play.  From mere restraint to being paddled for the first time, it works in and out of the bedroom.  It is fun, erotic and exciting.

One of the most common first realizations of our new members following a group meeting is the universality and mainstream nature of our members.  We are everyone.   After leaving, one group session, you begin to think everyone is in the lifestyle. 

Also, there are so many satisfying aspects and benefits to the practice of bdsm and many of these are well designed to meet the needs of our vanilla members.  This is all about you going at your own pace; on your terms.  It is about learning and incorporating those things that compel you individually and enhance, where appropriate, your relationships as a couple. 

Much of bdsm is non-sexual, yet many find it to be the perfect accelerant into a love life with more eroticism and joy.  However, this and that are all up to you. 

DomMasterJames has also specifically designed completely vanilla training sessions for our members based on what he has learned from them.  Come, learn and contribute to this process.