"The Lighter Side of BDSM"

Supreme Submission

There is something so enormously compelling about submission to both the person submitting and to the individual compelling it.  This is not about spending a few seconds on your knees.  This is about going to a place of unequivocal beauty and peace which DomMasterJames coined "Supreme Submission". 

There is simply nothing like reaching that place and once you do you will want to return there again and again.  It is an escape and a haven from what many of us face day in and day out in our work and in our life.  You return stronger and more ready to tackle all that life has to offer and you are better to and for everyone around you in your life.

As DomMasterJames explains it, there are two core types of submissives, natural and escape submissives. The first, natural submissives, live often 24/7 in varying levels of submissiveness. However, escape submissives typically hold highly stressful, high level positions in various sized organizations who also balance often exceptionally hectic personal lives.  Many of our members are "tweeners", those stuck between the care for their children as well as their care for their parents. 

For escape submissives, the act of submission is the absolute opposite of their active life which provides a wonderful balance to immerse themselves in both and emerge better, stronger and more at peace.

Having read this, you might clearly understand who you are and how Supreme Submission can be an integral part of your life experience.

BDSM.  It's for everyone.