"The Lighter Side of BDSM"

BDSM Stress Reduction

Stress reduction is an elusive experience yet it has, is and will always be something all of us will seek. We have, will and will always seek that place, where we can be at peace, focused and centered even if just, momentarily. 

For our vanilla friends, if you speak to our members who are immersed in the BDSM lifestyle you will readily find that a significant satisfaction of the act of submission is the realization of zen and the enormous benefit of stress reduction.  The mindlessness of being controlled; the satisfaction of passing over control safely to someone else. To be naked physically and empty mentally.  To be dress and stress free is absolutely wonderful. 

This access point of the lifestyle, stress reduction, is sexually benign. DomMasterJames has a number of members who pursue these sessions for only this purpose.  To be emotionally and mentally blank under his direction; even for just a little while provides the relaxing recharge we are all looking for. 

Feel free to speak to other members or experience this yourself.