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Welcome to the DomMasterJames website.  Where intrigue meets understanding.

First and foremost; we are an authentic bdsm website that caters to real people actually interested in learning, participating, expanding or sharing their lifestyle experiences with other members of our very private community.  We are not a rest area for internet surfers, duplicitous people or cursory learners.  

We are a truly unique bdsm site that welcomes and supports both vanilla and lifestyle members interested in "the lighter side of bdsm".  From finally finding a better way to actually reduce your stress to being fully immersed in the lifestyle; you will find it here.  

Stay apprised of all of our activities by becoming a Member today by emailing us at:  All memberships are completely free, discreet and totally confidential. 

So feel free to just visit a bit; sign up or join in and immediately learn more about your bdsm sexuality today.  We hope you enjoy your stay and return often. 


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